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Fastest Tube – Youtube Downloader
By On September 2, 2011

Fastest Tube – Youtube Downloader


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Linux, Mac, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP

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September 02, 2011



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Easy to Install and use. A button gets created on Youtube. You have to just click, choose format and Download.


Only MP4 and FLV Support. Lack MP3 Conversion

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Fastest Tube is so far the best YouTube Downloader Tool. It supports multiple browsers. It will work perfectly on Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. Using this tool is quite easy and hassle free.

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YouTube is the 3rd most visited website on Internet and the best website to watch and share videos. You want to see some funny videos or want to watch a tutorial, YouTube is your final destination. YouTube is the best Video Sharing site on the Web but it has one drawback – it doesn’t allow downloads. Now for some of us it might not be a problem but for many of us it is. If you like a video than you would surely want to have that video on you PC or Laptop, so that you watch it whenever you want. If you are able to download videos then you will not have to visit the site again and again to watch the video. It will save the hassle of going to YouTube, searching for the video and then watching it. It is just waste of time and also you will have to pay for using more bandwidth (unless you get free Internet connection). You need some YouTube Downloader to download videos.

Here is my suggestion for the Best YouTube Downloader so far – UseFastest Tube – YouTube Downloader Tool.

If you search on net, you will find a variety of YouTube downloaders. While most of them are free, some are not. Now investing money on these tool is just waste, so you should go for free tools. I have used quite a tools but the one which I am currently using is (and like the best) "Fastest Tube". So far it the best YouTube Downloader Tool. Many of you who already have used some downloader will argue that the their is best but I can confidently bet that if you try out Fastest Tube you will forget your favorite tool.

What is so great about this tool is that, it supports multiple browsers. It will work perfectly on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari. I have personally tested it with first three browsers. One more good thing about this is that it is a plug-in and not a dedicated software. As it is a simple plug-in you will never be required to first copy the YouTube link, then paste and then click download.

Here is how this plug-in works.

Step 1. Go to Fastest Tube website.

Step 2. Click the Install Button or one of the browser Icon.

Step 3. Restart your Browser and open YouTube.

Step 4. Locate the Download Button under the video Player. (See the Image Below to understand)

Youtube With Fastest Tube Installed

Youtube With Fastest Tube Installed

Step 5. Choose your preferred video format and download.

Final Verdict

Using this tool is quite easy and hassle free. The only disadvantage is that is doesn’t support different video formats like some other YouTube downloaders do. But I do not find it as a disadvantage because you can always use a good Audio-Video Converter for different formats. Also MP4 is a universal format and most devices be it your PC or Laptop or Phone or iPod or iPad or iTouch or whatever can play it hassle free.

So go and try out Fastest Tube. Compare it with your own YouTube downloader and tell me what you think. Enjoy YouTube Video Downloads.

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