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Roboform v7.6.3 Released
By On November 10, 2011

Roboform v7.6.3 Released

Roboform v7.6.3 released. Roboform is a Password Manager free for 10 passwords. It works on Windows, Mac, USB and Mobile Platforms – iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Palm, Symbian. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and many other browsers. The new version solves the following problems.

* Firefox: fix matching passcards button may show passcards for previous page.
* Firefox/Chrome: fix unresponsive script error when clicking on element.
* Firefox: set max supported Firefox version to 11.
* Firefox/Chrome/Opera: fix Alt+R shortcut does not work.
* Firefox/Chrome/Opera: fix Show Toolbar command from TB icon.
* Firefox: fix rightmost RF toolbar items may stay visible after switching RF profile.
* Firefox: fix Login on a passcard from RoboForm Online web page does not work.
* Firefox: fix Password generated if my pointer passes over Generate button.
* Firefox: fix selective form filling when Fill & Submit is pressed.
* Firefox: make ‘RoboForm’ command in Firefox context menu toggle RF toolbar.
* Firefox: fix Alt+X or Alt+C keyboard shortcuts.
* Firefox: switch to using Gecko 8.0 SDK.
* Fix form filling problems.
* IE9: fix AutoFill dialog hides immediately after creation if AutoHide option is set.
* IE: fix selective Form Filler operations may reset selection.
* Opera: fix not finding Opera plugins folder.
* Fix search argument prompt dialog may not appear.
* Fix Search in This Window/Search in New Window commands.
* Fix ‘(passcards)’ text is shown on matching passcards in icons only mode.
* Fix some gif/jpeg site icons are shown upside-down.
* Enterprise: Fix identities.exe -setmp command.
* Fix Clear History command in password history dropdown list keeps clipboard.
* Bookmarks: fix Goto command may not work properly.
* Fix layout of searchcard arguments prompt dialog.
* Better Search Box and searchcard integration.
* Delete SPS Master Password file when user ‘Removes Master Password’.

Go to Roboform Webpage and download Latest Version of Roboform Now.

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