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Roboform v7.6.5 Released
By On December 6, 2011

Roboform v7.6.5 Released

Roboform v7.6.5 released. Roboform is a Password Manager free for 10 passwords. It works on Windows, Mac, USB and Mobile Platforms – iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Palm, Symbian. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and many other browsers. The new version solves the following problems.

* Firefox: fix RoboForm does not fill in basic auth prompt for socks5 server.
* Firefox, Chrome: multiple small form filler fixes.
* Firefox: fix RF toolbar resizers sometimes sometimes are not shown or do not work.
* Firefox: fix some Firefox themes may override RF toolbar.
* Firefox: fix AutoFill dialog may appear and then immediately disappear on a page with frames.
* Firefox: fix tab switching may be slow sometimes.
* Firefox: fix rare crashes on shutdown.
* Firefox: Make Highlight button work in Firefox.
* Chrome, Opera: add filler localization.
* Fix a number of memory and resource leaks.
* Implement license check and update.
* Fix Sync dialog is not moved to foreground when clicking Sync after previous sync has completed.
* Fix UI colors are wrong in High Contrast Mode.
* Fix crash on some sites in modal AutoSave mode when downloading site icon.
* Fix crash on Creating Identity command when no RF data folder is present.
* Make RoboForm work in Avant 2012.
* Fix menu was closed when we need to changed enabled status.

Go to Roboform Webpage and download Latest Version of Roboform Now.

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