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Roboform v7.7.2 Released
By On February 18, 2012

Roboform v7.7.2 Released

Roboform v7.7.2 released. Roboform is a Password Manager free for 10 passwords. It works on Windows, Mac, USB and Mobile Platforms – iPhone/iPod/iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Palm, Symbian. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and many other browsers. The new version solves the following problems.

* Fix some asserts and crashes found in the release 7.7.1.
* All ver 7.7.1 users must upgrade to ver 7.7.2.

Here are the changes and upgrades in previous Version 7.7.1 Release

* Installer: elevate Standard (Limited) user.
* Installer: fix ‘All Users’ flag ignored, if installed from Standard user.
* Installer: Fix does not close IE download manager when RF was downloaded.
* Reduce number of frameset dispatcher messages, to speed browsing with RF installed.
* Matching Passcards list: minimize number of rebuilds for this list.
* New reference counting system, to prevent crashes.
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: speed up form filling and browsing.
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: fix form filling issues found by users.
* Firefox: fix RF toolbar ignores the “Show Logins and Bookmarks together” setting.
* Firefox: show number of highlighted words next to the highlighter button in RF toolbar.
* Firefox: show Hide Toolbar command in the RoboForm menu of RF toolbar in Firefox.
* Firefox: fix copyright string in RF plugin DLL.
* Firefox: fix showing popup box on entering MP from passcard opened from RF search box.
* Firefox: fix Hide Toolbar command does not work.
* Firefox: fix floating toolbar is shown automatically in browser full screen mode.
* Firefox: set max supported Firefox version to 12.0.
* Fix Firefox addon is installed even if it was unchecked in Browser Integration setup page.
* Firefox: fix RF AutoSave bar and Auto Fill window overlap Firefox bookmarks panel.
* Firefox: fix RF installer can not work with Firefox profile named with non-latin chars.
* Opera: fix in some Opera installations RF can not install addon into Opera in limited account.
* Firefox, Chrome, Opera: improve detection of alternative browsers based on these.
* Firefox: fix crashes caused by reentrancy.
* Search Box: Fix search options list is updated on each key press, too often.
* Search: replace MSN Search with Bing Search.
* Print List: new Print List formatting.
* Integrate new Sync algorithm from GoodSync ver 9.0.7.
* New code sign certificate from Comodo.

Go to Roboform Webpage and download Latest Version of Roboform Now.

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