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CES 2013 is here scheduled from Jan 8 to 11
By On January 7, 2013

CES 2013 is here scheduled from Jan 8 to 11

Every year, I look forward to International Consumer Electronics Show, CES for short. CES 2013 is about to start on Jan 8th and will run till Jan 11. Lots of people and brands involved in developing electronics, computers components, TV, Music Systems, Car Electronics and what not will be there. You will see what new innovations of electronics, computers, TVs etc you can expect soon from the brands you love (and hate).

Lots of brands like Intel, Lenovo, Dell, Panasonic, Samsung, Apple, HP, Acer, LG, Sony and many others will show-off the ideas and new technologies they have come up since CES 2012. They will boast how their can change our standard of living and how it is better then their competitions. I will try my best to keep an eye on new techs coming out. I will cover some of the new products which I like or think is worthy sharing on my Blog.

If you want know more about CES or check out all new tech products coming out or are just curiosity then check out the CES website. Check out the CES Official Show Directory too if you are really interested (It is 430 page long). Also check out Cnet’s CES site – they do exclusive coverage on CES and you will know about new products real-time.

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