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Facebook has a New Timeline Inteface for Personal Profiles
By On March 16, 2013
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Facebook has a New Timeline Inteface for Personal Profiles


Yesterday, I logged into my Facebook Account , I checked some stuffs on the Facebook Homepage and then headed to my profile page after a while. After arriving at the Profile Page what I see is a completely new interface for my personal profile. I thought maybe my page didn’t load properly. I refreshed the page again. I saw the same page again.


And I was greeted with the following messages. (This assured me Facebook experimenting again and there is nothing wrong. Huh!)

We’ve made some updates to how your timeline looks. Your posts and life events are on the right, with everything else on the left.


Your all-new About page makes it easier to show friends the things you care about.

The new Interface looks plain and is simpler version of the Timeline Interface introduced last year (Worldwide). They have made only some basic changes mostly removing some stuff mainly the toggleable contents just below the cover pic – the items About, Photos, Friends etc

Unfortunately I do not have screenshot of my profile with my old timeline interface so below is the screenshot of Geeks Column Fan Page instead to give a bit of idea of old timeline interface (or just look at your own facebook profile – if it hasn’t changed like mine). OR check Facebook Page About Timeline (do not know if this page will remain as it is or not). Now the screenshot on right is my Personal Profile with the new interface. As you can see it looks quite plain. And you can guess what has changed. I have maked the changes with red boxes and wrote some comments to help you out.

I do not why did they change the interface. Maybe to make it tablets and phone friendly. Who Knows. The changes so far is to personal profile only. And not everyone got it, as per my knowledge only one of my friends experienced the changes, many others are enjoying the older interface. Also Facebook didn’t announce anything about the new interface. There was no choice given. My profile interface changed suddenly too. If I visit profile of anyone, I see new interface only.

Did you get the new interface? What do you think about it? Like it or Hate it. Share your views.

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