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By On March 22, 2013
0 is now with a new Interface

I signed-in to my Hotmail Account an 21st March 2013 and I see a notification Hotmail is going to become Outlook. And I was why the hell (I knew this was planned for quite sometime but still). After the changes took place I was like hmm! nice changes. The change is not just the name but a complete new look. The look is bit like the Metro look introduced in Windows 8.  The navigation has become much more simpler. Also the new look is much more Tablet and Mobile friendly.

Microsoft had changed interface of Skydrive a long time ago and it was inevitable that Mail interface should be changed too. The main feature which I like in Hotmail – alias feature is still there. This was the first thing I checked after the change. Well even if they made change to it will not bother or hinder your work as email addresses remains the same. If you have Hotmail ID you still use Hotmail. If you have Live ID you still use that. What this minor change did is add another email domain So now you can have a email address [email protected]

Below is the screenshot of my email with outlook notifications.

New Outlook Interface

New Outlook Interface

You can see in the Screenshot, the interface is now very plain and simple. I really liked the changes. It loads faster and there is no distractions when checking mails.

Do you use Hotmail for mailing? Are you using the new Interface? Do you like the new interface. Comment and tell us.

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