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[Discount] Amazon Coins – Save 10% on Apps, Games and In-App items
By On April 15, 2015

[Discount] Amazon Coins – Save 10% on Apps, Games and In-App items

Have you heard of Amazon Coins yet? If you are regular Amazon Store shopper you probably have but if you haven’t then here it is for you. I myself heard about it just yesterday. Basically Amazon Coins is virtual currency which can be used to purchase eligible apps, games, and digital in-app items. They re supported on Android, BlackBerry OS v10.3 devices, and Fire Tablets.

You can buy an Amazon Coins bundle at a discount. You earn promotional Amazon Coins when you purchase selected apps and in-app items. You can spend Coins from your device and from the Appstore on the Amazon website.

To view your current Amazon Coins balance on the Amazon website, go to the Amazon Appstore for Android and sign in to your account. Then, open the detail page of any paid eligible Appstore item. Your Amazon Coins balance displays on the right side of the screen, below the option to “Spend Amazon Coins.”


  • Kindle Books are not available for purchase using Amazon Coins.
  • Coins that you can earn on purchases of apps and in-app items are available on a limited-time basis.
  • Amazon Coins purchasing uses the same parental controls available for other payment methods.

How to Buy Amazon Coins

To buy Amazon Coins:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Go to the Amazon Appstore on your Android, BlackBerry, or Fire Tablet, and then tap the Balance tab.
    • On the Amazon website, go to the Amazon Coins purchase page.
  2. Select the Coins bundle you want.
  3. Click Buy, and then confirm your purchase.


  • You can also buy a Coins bundle by clicking the How do I use coins? link on the detail page of any paid eligible item.
  • Amazon Coins orders are charged to your 1-Click payment method or available gift card balance.At this time, Coins cannot be purchased using promotional balances.
  • You can’t transfer Coins to another account, or redeem Coins for cash.
  • Amazon Coins that you’ve purchased never expire. Coins that have been awarded to you do expire 12 months after you’ve received them, and are used first when making purchases with Coins.

How to Earn Amazon Coins

You earn promotional Amazon Coins for eligible purchases on Android, BlackBerry OS v10.3, Fire Tablets, or the Amazon Appstore on the Amazon website.

To earn Amazon Coins:

  1. Go to the Amazon Appstore for Android on your Android, BlackBerry, Fire Tablet, or the Amazon website.
  2. Purchase an app, in-app item, or game that is eligible to earn promotional Amazon Coins.
    • For Kindle Fire 1st Generation, make your purchase from the Amazon website, then download it using the Cloud tab on your device.


  • If you own a Kindle Fire 1st Generation, you can earn Coins for eligible purchases, but you won’t see a notification on your device.
  • You can check your updated Coins balance on the detail page of any paid eligible item in the Amazon Appstore on the Amazon website.
  • Coins you earn expire one year after the later of the date we give them to you or the date you last purchased or redeemed Coins.
  • Earned Coins (along with any other Coins we’ve awarded to you) are used first when making purchases with Coins.

How to Give an Amazon Coins Gift

Amazon Coins can be given as a gift. Gift recipients can either redeem the gifted Coins to their account, or exchange it for an Amazon Gift Card.

To order Amazon Coins as a gift:

  1. From Amazon, go to the Amazon Coins page.
    Note: You can gift Amazon Coins from Fire Tablets with Fire OS 4.
  2. Provide your gift recipient’s information, a gift message, and the delivery date.
  3. Click Preview Order. If prompted, sign in with your Amazon account e-mail address and password.
  4. Verify or provide payment information for your purchase:
  5. Your 1-Click default payment method will be automatically selected. To select a different method, click Change.
  6. If you do not have a 1-Click default payment method on file, enter your payment information and click Continue.
  7. Click Place your order.

Your Amazon Coins gift will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.
Note: If you need to re-send an Amazon Coin Gift, you are able to do that by clicking Resend it on the Order Summary.

How to Spend Amazon Coins

You can redeem your Amazon Coins on Android devices, Fire Tablets, and the Amazon Appstore on the Amazon website.

To spend your Coins:

  • On Android devices and Fire Tablets, tap the price of the app from the detail page, or tap the in-app item within an app. Amazon Coins is the default payment option. Then tap Get App for apps or games, or Get Item for in-app items.
  • On the Amazon website, you’ll see payment options at checkout for your regular 1-Click payment method and for Amazon Coins, and can select either option.
    Tip: On Kindle Fire 1st Generation, use your Coins to buy an item from the Amazon Appstore on the Amazon website, and then download your purchase to your device from the Cloud tab.
Spend Amazon Coins

Spend Amazon Coins

You can’t purchase subscriptions and certain other items with Coins, redeem Coins for cash or an Amazon Gift Card, nor purchase any items outside the Amazon Appstore.


  • If there aren’t enough Amazon Coins in your account for your entire purchase (including the tax), the Amazon Coins option is greyed out. In other words, you can’t use Coins to pay for a portion of a purchase, and would need additional Coins to complete the purchase.
  • Amazon Coins are not taxed when you purchase them. When you buy an item with Coins on which Amazon is required to charge sales tax, you use your Coins to pay the tax.
  • Any promotional funds available on your account are automatically applied to Appstore purchases before your Amazon Coins are redeemed or your 1-Click payment method is charged.
  • While you can use Coins for most apps, on rare occasions an app may not support Amazon Coins. In this case, the Coins payment option is not available on the app’s detail page.
  • You can use Coins to purchase digital, but not physical, in-app items.

Take advantage of Amazon Coins now. Are you already using Amazon Coins? Share your experience with us.

PS: All info above was taken directly from Amazon Website.

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