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Membership is Now Open – Profile, Points and More
By On May 23, 2015

Membership is Now Open – Profile, Points and More

Membership Registration/Sign-up on Geeks Column is now fully open. I Opened it a few days back but am making a official announcement now. Sign-up and Login on Geeks Column is provided both by normal means – Username & Password and also by Social Sign-up/Login.

As of today only Facebook Sign-up/Login has been enabled but in a few days Twitter and Google+ will also be available. There is also possibility to enable LinkedIn and VK for Sign-up/Login. If you want hose please leave a comment.

By becoming a Member you also get the ability to posts on Forums. Just visit the Forum after you have signed-up. Becoming a Member is easy, takes only 2 mins by Social Sign-up (Instant Activation) and no more than 5 mins with Normal Sign-up (You need to activate account by checking email).

What Features and Facilities is in the Membership?

Here is a simple list.

  • Members get a Profile Page [Example Profile] as well as a Forum Profile.
  • Members get ability to send message, befriend, rate other members etc.
  • Members earn Points – Geek Points and Techie points for different activities.
  • Members can Like & Dislike Posts, Comments, Forum Topics, Forum Replies. They can also permanentaly save their Favorite Posts.
  • Members can Provide Ratings on Review posts even without comments.
  • Members are automatically eligible for Monthly Geek Contest [Coming Soon].

Important Links

Below is list of Help Pages and some other Important Pages.

Become a Member and discover things. Currently a May-June Mega Contest is going on. And a Random Member can win $10 USD. Also you can do few task and win $10 USD, $15 USD, $20 USD – total $90 USD to be won.

Looking forward to you all becoming a member of Geeks Column. It is all Free. There will be many benefits in future.

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