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Interview with Geek Deepak Majhi
By On June 4, 2015

Interview with Geek Deepak Majhi

From this month, I am starting a new section “Interview” where I interview Tech Bloggers, known Tech Geeks, Techie. It will alternate weekly with another new section “Who Is?” which is similar to “What Is?” section introduced last month. ‘What Is?‘ is about Tech Gadgets, Parts etc. ‘Who Is?‘ will be about Tech People, those who contribute to Tech World.

Anyways the first Interview I am doing is a Self Interview, because this way I can give a sample example Interview to people whom I will interview in future. Please be patient with me.

Interviewer will be GC (short for Geeks Column) and not the name of Person who is Interviewer as that me here. I have yet to decide whether I will continue the trend of Using GC when I Interview others. as of now I am the only author here but in a few months it will change, so maybe I will use Geek Deepak as Interviewer from next time. What do you think?

Main Interview

GC Hi Deepak, tell us something about yourself?

Deepak I am currently a part time blogger and a Postgraduate, a holder of Master of Science in Mathematics from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) , Kharagpur, West Bengal, India. IIT Kharagpur (WikiPedia) is one of the top technical institutes in India. The course I undertook was ‘Mathematics and Computing’.

GC How did you came up with idea of Geeks Column? What got you started?

Deepak I started proper blogging in 2007. My very first blog was a Tech Blog but Web Hosting in India was not on par at that time specially since I was from small town. So that blog was lost. Soon after I cleared my entrance exams and I was in college (IIT). There after waiting for some time I started a Blog mostly for Bloggers – Greatest, which I continued for 2 years blogging when free. I sold it and then I continued with a personal blog. But blogging just for hobby was not taking me anywhere.

Then 2nd September, 2011 I started Geeks Column, a Tech Blog. I blogged as much as I could while keeping up with studies. It was still a hobby with not many posts. 2013 started well but studies kept me busy and 2014 was barren. I graduated in August 2104 and after entering 2015, I restarted blogging. I have lost all traffic I had and now it is hard work. Hopefully from now on it gets all better.

GC What is it like blogging about Technology?

Deepak Blogging about Technology come naturally to me. But the fact is it is not as easy as I make it sound. I like Technology, Gadgets, Tech Stuff but having to write about it is hard work. Writing is a tasking job. Despite all these I feel I am at my best when sharing Tech Stuffs on my blog.

GC What have you achieved with Geeks Column or any Previous Projects?

Deepak I haven’t achieved much with Geeks Column. Any investment I made on it before 2015 has been earned back quite easily. Next 6 months will tell if I am in Profit or Loss.

When talking about past project Greatest Reviews was very successful, I had to sell it as I got busy with studies. I did help one of my Senior with his pet projects and got paid handsomely.

Apart from these blogging life has been normal.

GC What do you wish to achieve with Geeks Column?

Deepak I wish to make Geeks Column a proper Tech Portal. I have applied a New Theme and many other changes have been made. Have started a Forum and made membership available. Things are new so will take some time. I want to at least be able to earn back every investment I have made this year on Geeks Column and other pet projects.

GC Do you have a Goal? Have you thought of what you want to achieve in next 5 years?

Deepak I want to become a Pro Blogger. Now that all studies are over, I wish to be able to earn my living with Blogging. In 5 years I want to have many successful Blogs. Tech is not my only passion. I have some other projects lined up. Some goal I can’t reveal to public yet. Most of them will be revealed this year only.

GC Looking back 5 years, would you have imagined what you are now?

Deepak When I look back 5 years I was in College so nothing unexpected has actually happened. At that time I was hoping to be a Pro Blogger by now which hasn’t happened. So I am a bit sad but not surprising.

Rapid Fire Round

Remember you have to answer quickly. Please answer first thing that comes to mind.

GC Favorite Tech Brand?

Deepak Lenovo

GC Favorite Gadget?

Deepak Mouse

GC Dream Gadget?

Deepak Virtual Reality Headset/Head-mount

GC Gadget you don’t have but want?

Deepak Gaming Steering Wheel

GC Gadget you do have but rather not have?

Deepak Wireless Microphone Kit

Word Association

Be quick, just say whatever come to mind. Answer with one word or a phrase, no long answer.

GC World without Technology?

Deepak Pointless

GC Dream Job?

Deepak Watching Anime, TV, Movie etc

GC Blogging?

Deepak Fun

GC Hobby?

Deepak Life is a Hobby

GC Wish?

Deepak Never comes true

This OR That

You can give your own answers as well but you cannot answer both or all.

GC Work at Home OR Office?

Deepak Home

GC Red OR Blue?

Deepak Green

GC Day OR Night?

Deepak Night

GC Summer OR Winter?

Deepak Rainy

GC Mobile OR Laptop OR PC?

Deepak PC

GC Money OR Power OR Intellect?

Deepak Intellect

That is all of the Self Interview. Do you have some question you want to ask? Should I have included some specific question which I missed or didn’t think of. Share you views and comment.

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