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      First of all look at the Example – [Example] [Headset] Astrum Raga Tune HS221. Looking at it should make things clear.

      You must start the Topic Title with Type of Gadget or Rig you share like [Laptop], [Mobile], [Tablet], [Camera], [Camcoder], [TV], [PC Speakers], [Mouse], [Gaming Mouse] etc. Here in the Example it is [Headset]

      Special Note: Please Use [PC] or [Desktop] for store bought Desktop and use [PC Rig] or [Desky] for self assembled Desktop.

      You only need to post just few intro words.

      Then General Specs (list not more than 10). For example for Mobiles you do not need to share all specs, just general ones like OS, Screen Size, 3G or not, Camera etc.

      Then Pros & Cons. Just few Positive and Negatives about your Gadgets,

      Finally Cost. If you were able to score some discounts, do tell.

      Note: Do not Share any links. Ever. Doesn’t matter if it is a non-affiliated link. If someone asks for Links. You can send a Private Message to that User.

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Viewing 0 reply threads
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