Logging in is simple and easy you can use any of the 4 methods

  • Go to the Custom Login Page and enter your Username and Password. Social Login has been enabled here.
  • Click Key Icon on Menu Bar and enter your Username and Password. No Social Login option here.
  • If you are on a Page with full length Sidebar. There is a Login Button [Click here to Login Now] in My Points Wallet Section. Click it, a Pop-up will appear and enter your Username and Password. Social Login has been enabled here.
  • Go to WordPress Default Login and enter your Username and Password. You will have to enter an extra captcha here. No Social Login option here.

NOTE: Your account must be activated and your device must be verified (2 Step Authentication Protection).

If you are logging in properly then you should not have any problem. But below are few stuff you can try or check.

  • Make sure you are entering correct Username and Password. Check CAPS Lock.
  • If you are entering your Username and Password correctly, make sure you activated your account. Check your emails for activation link. Check Spam Folder too. If you didn't receive it please Contact Us
  • If are entering your Username and Password correctly and your account is activated, make sure you completed the 2 Step Authentication. Check your emails for Verify Link. Check Spam Folder too. If you didn't receive it please Contact Us.

To keep your Geeks Column account secure and to ward of Fake/Spam accounts all accounts are protected by 2 Step Authentication provided by Rublon. The basic protection is via Verify Links sent to your email.

When you login for the first time or from a new browser or device you are sent a Verify Link to your email to verify if it is indeed you. Once you have verified the device you can login-in in future uninterrupted.

You can also choose to verify a device/browser temporarily if you are using a public computer or others phone. This public device will be verified for one time login only.

I would advice you to check Screenshot of Authentication Process or check Rublon website

Currently Subscriber Role and Forum Spectator Role do not have to do 2 Step Authentication. It is not enabled by Default for these 2 Roles. Subscriber Roles allows a Member to read the Blog, Comment on Blog Posts and submit Ratings on Review Posts (not available to non-members). Forum Spectator can just read Forums.

All Higher Roles - Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, Forum Keymaster, Forum Moderator and Forum Participant have 2 Step Authentication Protection enabled by Default. This will never change as these roles are capable of creating content on Blog & Forum and need to be verified.

When you become Geeks Column Member you become a Subscriber on the Blog and when you visit the Forums you get the role of Forum Participant (with ability create and edit your own Topics and Replies). Thus you will need to do 2 Step Authentication when you visit the Forums.

In future we will do a survey to see how many would want 2 Step Authentication Protection enabled by default for Subscribers & Spectator Roles as well and how many would want to choose. And then we will decide what to do. For now it is not enabled by default for these Roles.

Apart from Email, Protection via Mobile App is available. This App scans a Rublon Code to confirm your identity.

This will be automatically enabled once you install the Rublon Mobile App. Your phone will be required for identity or action confirmation. This feature will replace protection via email.

Only Logged in users can see this

NOTE: We have not tested the Mobile App our self, so use at your own risk. Contact Us, if you somehow become unable to login.

Social Login/Sign-up is ability to Login/Sign-up into Geeks Column using your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc

As of now Facebook Login is enabled.

Social Login has couple of advantages. They are as follows.

  • You do not need to enter Username, Name &Email into a form. These data gets imported automatically. Your Social Media password is safe, this information is not shared with us.
  • You do not need to activate your account. It is automatically activated.
  • You do not need to create a Username or/and Password. You can just login with the help of your Social Media/Networking Accounts.

Social Login/Sign-up has only one disadvantage. You cannot choose your username.

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