Yes, completely.

There are no Special Requirements. But there are few restrictions on Username. They are as Follow

  • Space is not allowed in Username.
  • Minimum length of Username is 3 and Maximum is 20
  • Your Username should not contain these word anywhere be it start, end or middle - admin, help, support, info, sales, geek, column

Only one account per person. Any duplicate account will be deleted. And after one warning that user will be banned.

If you love technology and want to engage with like minded people, then you should. While this site is relatively small now, we hope to increase in size in a few months. There will be many new articles and reviews coming soon. Forum will be well populated in a few months time.

There is one benefit that we can promise. We will conduct Members only Monthly Geek Contests.

Members get a awesome Profile Page [Example Profile] as well as a Forum Profile.

  • Members get ability to send message, befriend, rate other members etc.
  • Members earn Points - Geek Points and Techie points for different activities.
  • Members are automatically eligible for Monthly Geek Contest [Coming Soon].

Currently the profile is very basic but we will soon make it better with many customization.

Current Features

  • Social links - Facebook, Twitter & Google+ & Link to your Website
  • Badges [Coming Soon]
  • Ability to Send Messages to other members.
  • Ability to send Friend requests.
  • Ability to rate other members.
  • Post Pictures [Coming Soon]
  • Post Videos [Coming Soon]
  • Profile Wall [Coming Soon]

Check an Example Profile.

Just visit My Account Page. Click 'Profile' to Edit and update My Profile and 'Settings' to Edit Password and Email.

Geek Points are points awarded to normal members for activities like site visit, login, comments, referrals etc.

Techie Points are points awarded to our Contributors and Forum Members for making post, forum topics, forum replies etc.

None of these points have any monetary value as of now but in future we plan to make Geek Points have monetary value most likely for referrals. If a shopping cart is added to our site in future you will be able to avail discounts using your Geek Points.

Check Points Page to see your Current Geek & Techie Points [Need to be Logged In] and how you can Earn or Lose Points.

This a Members only contest conducted every month. This is in addition to few other public contest conducted frequently [at least 3 every Year].

To know more check Monthly Geek Contest Page.

If your problem is anything apart from Login & Sign-up, then visit the Bug & Security Forum under Members Lounge and post a Topic stating you problem.

If you are having Sign-up (Registration) Problem. First check Registration Help Page.

If you are having Login Problem. First Check Login Help Page.

If the Registration & Login Help Pages were of no help, just contact us using the form in Contact Us Page.

Very secure.

While the strength of your password is your own responsibility, we do provide extra security feature to counter any stolen login. All accounts subscribers, contributor, author, editor, admin, forum participants, forum moderators etc all are secured by Two Step authentication provided by Rublon. Read more about Two Step Authentication on Login Help Page.

If you login for first time from a browser on a new computer or from a different browser on a new (or old) computer, you will need to check your email and verify that indeed it is you. No one else can login even if they steal you login.

We will soon be introducing SSL (https). Most likely in the event that either we set up a shopping cart or when we a start a paid service.

Our privacy policy is simple, we will keep you private data safe. It will not be shared with any third-party. Check Privacy Policy Page for details.

Our Terms & Conditions are simple too - Just be good to fellow members (and us) and everyone (and we) will be good to you. Anyways just check the Terms & Conditions Page for Details.

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