Really, Contact Us with the specific problem you are facing and make sure it is registration problem and not a login problem. Check Login Help for that. Also read all the Help Here First.

There are no Special Requirements. But there are few restrictions on Username. They are as Follow

  • Space is not allowed in Username.
  • Minimum length of Username is 3 and Maximum is 20
  • Your Username should not contain these word anywhere be it start, end or middle - admin, agent, help, support, info, sales, geek, column

You will receive a Activation Link when you sign-up using Normal Form Fill-up Method only. Do check your email Spam Folder. Contact Us if no email has arrived.

If you used Social Sign-up, your account is automatically activated.

You are free to choose which ever your like. After you have registered by any of the two methods just head over to My Account to complete your Profile.

Social Sign-up has couple of advantages. They are as follows.

  • You do not need to enter Username, Name, Email etc into a form. These data gets imported automatically. Your Social Media password is safe, this information is not shared with us.
  • You do not need to activate your account. It is automatically activated.
  • You do not need to create a Username or/and Password. You can just login with the help of your Social Media/Networking Accounts.

Social Sign-up has only one disadvantage. You cannot choose your Username.

Normal Sign-up has couple of advantages. They are as follows.

  • You can choose your own Username and Password.
  • You do not lose access to your Account in case you decide to close your Social Media/Networking Account associated.

With Normal Sign-up, you will need to fill some Required Data into form. This is not exactly a disadvantage since afterward you are going to Update your profile by filling info anyways.

You will have an extra Username and Password to remember. If you are bad at remembering Login best use Password Manager and also opt for 2 Step Authentication Protection about which you can learn from Login Help.

Social Sign-up is a bit faster but not by much since in Normal Sign-up you are required to fill only a few fields which do not take much time.

I personally advice you to use Normal Sign-up and then you can just associate your Account with your Social Media/Networking by adding in the Social Profile in your My Account.

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